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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sat Mar 3, 2001  11:04 am
Subject:  Re: new posting

Hi Penny, Carmen, Peter, Monica , Valerie and friends,---
I just posted a report about our SW-workshop at Zuerich -
hope you enjoy it -- although itīs written in German ;-(
PS. Penny was so kind to give a video to me from which the fotos are captured - unfortunately they I havenīt got any fotos from the other members ob this wonderfull meeting ! Hi Penny ;-)  is there a chance ... ?
Thanks for all it has been a very precious experience for me !
SignWriting and the Computer programm  SignWriter 4.4  are a very very special thing !! 
All the best and warm greetings
Stefan ;-) 

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4524 SignWriting Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland Valerie Sutton Sat  3/3/2001

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