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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Mar 3, 2001  3:24 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland

On 3/3/01, Stefan Woehrmann2 wrote:
I just posted a report about our SW-workshop at Zuerich - hope you
enjoy it -- although itīs written in German....

SignWriting Workshop in Zurich, Switzerland, February, 2001


SignWriting List
March 3, 2001

Hello Everyone, and Stefan, Penny, Monica, Carmen and Peter!

Congratulations on the successful workshop in Zurich,
Switzerland...and thank you Stefan, for the great web posting. The
photos are wonderful, and the diagrams in SignWriting are too!

For those who do not know German, you will still enjoy the web pages
since the photos and SignWriting examples make it clear what is
happening visually - I enjoyed visiting your web site, Stefan!

For me, it was fun to see a photo of Monica Schwarz, the interpreter.
Monica and I worked together several years ago through email and
postal mail....It is Monica's translation from English to German,
that has given us the German words on the SignWriter 4.4 computer
screen - Thanks for the great job, Monica!

I grabbed a photo of Monica and Stefan, from Stefan's web page, for
the SW List to enjoy:
Type: image/jpeg
Size: 28k

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