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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sat Mar 17, 2001  9:06 pm
Subject:  Re: Question for you

Hi Lorraine, Neill , Valerie and friends of SW

just one additional comment on this.

The last week I took a large teebox and filled it with exactley 50 different
things ( some very very small objects were packed in a filmbox (ha!) ) I
didn choose these things by any criteria but just what happened to fall
into my hands in our five-persons household with three young boys (Well
after some time they will find their cars and gloves and toys back in their

So my little students where now confronted with a pile of objects - hmm but
what are the names ??????
I prepared 50 cards - each symbol on one laminated card .

Unpacking the box piece by piece we learned about a DGS - sign - for this
object - so we agreed on a sign to refer to any of these objects that were
put on the floor in a l o n g row on the floor.

After this we took the 50 SW-cards (kind of flashcards half size of normal
play-cards) and the students were asked to place these cards 1:1 to the
objects . All of us who have had the chance to work with children would know
that they did simply great.

We repeated this game - they love it !!! 2 to three times.

Now the students were given one card each and they where sent to the room
next to the classroom to get this object.

About 4 days later I prepared a second set of flashcards. This time I
printed the SW symbol on one side and the German word for the object with
the article (der, die, das) on the other side. The students were given the
cards one by one. They were asked to answer the following question each time
they wanted to pass one of my team-colleagues - right now we are 3 adults
at this class ! We asked every student : What are you going to get from the
table ? So they tried to answer now speaking out the German name - of course
without the SW sign on the back they wouldn have had any chance ...

Right now we are in the process of learning to write the German names. The
SW - symbol on the back is the familiar symbol and the German word takes lot
of work ...

So combining SW with developing the literacy skills is a very very
successfull method -

All the best
Stefan ;-)

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From: Lorraine Crespin
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2001 12:49 AM
Subject: Re: Question for you

> Hi Neil
> Regarding the young woman and SW. We will never know the success she will
> experience until she tries it.
> I continue to be amazed with what and how deaf children uses SW. I have
> SW in my classroom for two years with children ages 5-10. I had presumed
> some of the children who were severly language delayed and who had some
> learning challenges might experience difficulties. Wow, did they prove me
> wrong!
> Since the young woman that you speak of is in the process of learning a
> language I think it would be important that the SW she learns be connected
> what language she knows, or used to teach new vocabulary with the real
> experience or "thing" in front of her. Otherwise she may learn to "read"
> but she would still not have the comprehension of what it means.
> Lorraine
> Albuquerque,NM

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