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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sat Mar 17, 2001  9:26 pm
Subject:  Re: Hi, I'm new

Hi Patsy,

welcome to our group. You will see that we are very happy to support anybody
who is going to learn this wonderfull movement-writing system.

It just as the Parkhursts mentioned some time ago - people are in need of
literature if they have learned to read. So once you can offer materials
that we can use for our deaf friends we would be most greatfull. Of course
we will have to addapt it to our national SL - no questions- But I > looking
forward to borrow ideas, stories, pictures which will enrich the materials
for my students ;-)

One little comment in before. It amazing how easy people get used to
reading the SW - materials. On the other hand there is much more practice
and time-consuming study and learning necessary in order to become a
SW-writer. The list is a wonderfull platform to discuss all SW- related
problems and you will find a wonderfull encouraging spirit - that will
assist you to overcome minor frustrative experiences - -)

It would be the best to study the manuals and comments which you will find
in the download materials first. Another source of information - a very
important one - is the email-lessons collection - You know that there are
teaching materials you can order from the DAC - I myself take great
advantage from the " Textbook and Workbook : Lessons in SignWriting " and
from the "classical " Parkhurst -reader - SignoEscritura - which is written
in Spanish !!

Go ahead and post your questions. If you offer your own solutions /
suggestions to your problem and could attach a gif that would make things

All the very best and good luck

Stefan ;-)

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From: Patsy van Andel
Sent: Wednesday, March 14, 2001 2:53 PM
Subject: Hi, I'm new

> Hello everyone,
> My name is Patsy van Andel and I am an American living in Holland. I
> have wanted to learn sign language since my early twenties and have
> recently been confronted with a situation that has convinced me that
> it's now time to do so. I speak fluent Dutch and pretty good German
> (I lived in Germany for three years). I stumbled on to the SW site
> while looking for information on sign language courses here in
> Holland.
> I write children's stories and songs and believe that I have finally
> found my calling, writing stories for deaf children. However, I have
> to learn sign language first. I have downloaded SW 4.4 and am hoping
> that I can combine learning sign language with learning to write it.
> I can understand some of the symbols, maybe even enough to start
> writing for toddlers. I have been in touch with someone who might be
> able to help me learn sign language, so who knows what will happen.
> Any information or help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Patsy

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