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From:  Cheryl Zapien
Date:  Thu Oct 22, 1998  2:03 pm
Subject:  Re: Writing ASL Grammar

This note is to Judy or any other teachers of the deaf: My ASL teacher wants
to improve his English--both written and reading. Suggestions...(by the way,
I've printed this up). He is a wonderful fellow and is a gifted teacher in his
own language and would like to teach ASL at the collegiate level. I can show
him SW, but I'm so new to it and learning myself, so I'm afraid I'll muddy the
waters. Hellllppppp!!! Cheryl

Judy Kegl wrote:

> This time the sender really is "Judy Kegl" and not James!
> One thing we are doing in Bluefields (Nica) is tagging signed language
> texts. The kids work with pages in signwriting or texts from their
> signwritten books and they underline and annotate in different colors
> things like noun, verb, adj, adverb, pronoun as well as subject, object
> etc. This is something that could be done with ASL texts as well and might
> prove useful to someone like Cheryl, even more useful than a grammar lesson
> per se in SW.
> Just a thought.
> --Judy

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