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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Sun Mar 25, 2001  11:48 pm
Subject:  Re: German name sign for Ilker...

Hi Val and friends,

"Why not start with a name sign of one of your students which I saw on
your web site:

"Ich hei F Ilker"

Please post both the photo of Ilker and the writing of his name sign
in SW, to the SW List...I am interested in analyzing that
could literally create a new chapter in the Lessons in SignWriting
textbook ;-)) "

One attachment per email - the foto is already attached to my last message-

( ooking at the foto and my published name-sign "Ilker" I am wondering --
and I > so interested to learn about your ideas !!

Here is my SW- spelling - ha - I will ask Irina tomorrow - she put her hand
at the back of her head whe we were looking for a name sign for Ilker . But
who knows perhaps the hand should be placed today at the right (!!!!
definitely temple ??)
One aspect of this may be that he (Ilker) himself never has studied or
understood his own written name sign with that much attention we do ;-)
Irina referred to his CI, when she invented his name sign.
He is so accustomed to his CI and there is at the moment no problem with
that since he is on the way to learn to comunicate in SL and within this
process his hearing becomes more and more of a real help !

Have a great day

Stefan ;-)

name sign Ilker.gif
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Size: 3k

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