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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Mar 26, 2001  5:05 pm
Subject:  Trip to Brazil

>>>I will be swamped in Porto Alegre with Portuguese, English, ASL,
>>>and Libras coming at me from all directions. Sigh. Charles

SignWriting List
March 26, 2001

Dear Charles!
Thank you for the outstanding photographs....It is wonderful to meet
you again by photo!

When was the last time we saw each other in person? I believe it was
1984 at the SignWriting workshop at Gallaudet University?

So it is terrific to see you now. And your photos of Fernando
Capovilla, and the new Brazilian Sign Language dictionary, are great
too. Perhaps I can post those on the web, with your permission, and
Fernando's....Of course we are all looking forward to the
dictionary's official publication in April ;-)

And thanks too, for your phone call last night. I am sorry that I
missed your call. I will be happy to answer your technical questions
on the List soon...

But first, please tell us your are flying to Porto
Alegre,Brazil to work with the SignNet group? I didn't realize long will you be there...what dates?

Please give a big "hello" to everyone for me!

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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