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From:  "Judy A. Kegl"
Date:  Mon Mar 26, 2001  7:12 pm
Subject:  Re: German name sign for Ilker...

There is no Nicaraguan version of Godilocks. In that genre, we have Jack
and the Beanstalk, the Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Story of Babar, the Little
Engine that Could, Caps for Sale and Anansi the Spider.

On the subject of pasting from the dictionary, I agree wholeheartedly with
Valerie's analysis. In Nicaragua, we have always combined pasting with body
shifts, facial expressions and sign modifications (pasting, then adjusting
for grammar) plus writing from scratch where needed. Even with all that, we
probably used far less facial expressions than many would say was required
-- although I think we have been making progress there. Our assumption was
that the readers were sign language fluent and would therefore inject many
of the omitted expressions. But, we have found that the more we add, the
more readily understandable the material becomes.

The students themselves write by pen (not computer -- we are quite poor,
afterall) and this solves the pasting problem.

-- James

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