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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 10, 2001  4:07 pm
Subject:  Hard-to-Write Handshapes

On 4/9/01, Henk Pel wrote:
>Also I still have trouble reading Father, mother, parents. Seeing it written
>I want to place my right hand on the L. side of my face.
> How would it read having the right hand at the right side with an extra
>touch symbol placed at the thumb, to say; that the thumb is touching the
>forehead? The head symbol will have the two touching symbols placed at the
>forehead as normal.

SignWriting List
April 10, 2001

Thanks for this great question, Tini.

There are several ways to write the ASL signs for Father, Mother and
Parents. Feel free to write them as you think is best. Below is a
diagram showing the way we wrote them in our SignWriting Workbook for

We chose to place the Five-Hand over to the left side of the head,
not because the sign is done that way. It still means that the hand
is directly in front of the face. And if you place the hand over to
the right of the head, as you suggest, that would not mean that the
sign is done on the right side of the head. It still would mean that
the hand is in front of the face.

The placement of the contact stars are stating that the contact is
directly centered at the top...for your thumb to reach that area of
contact, you will have no choice but to place the hand in front of
your face when you execute the sign..

So the reading of it is the same...The placement of the hand a
"little bit left" or "little bit right" is necessary so we can see
the facial expressions without the hand blocking the view...either
choice is fine...and there is a third choice as well, which I will
explain next message...

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