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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Apr 10, 2001  8:08 pm
Subject:  Re: Question from Arizona State University


SignWriting List
April 10, 2001

I am answering questions for Sarah Cmeyla, If
anyone else would like to answer Sarah, that would be great too....

QUESTION 1: Is SignWriting used in oral or sign programs?

ANSWER 1: In Sign Language programs. SignWriting is a way to read and
write Sign Languages.

QUESTION 2: At what age is it usually introduced?

ANSWER 2: At any age. Children can start learning to read
SignWriting as early as age 2....

QUESTION 3: How are English skills developed?

ANSWER 3: English skills? Do you mean for born-Deaf children? That is
a complex answer...depending on the degree of deafness, when they
became deaf, whether their deafness was found at an early age or not,
etc etc...There is a question-answer section on our web site:

Questions & Answers Directory

There are teachers who use SignWriting with their young deaf
students. They are providing excellent feedback:

Albuquerque Public Schools
SignWriting Literacy Project

QUESTION 4: Where do you recruit staff to teach the sign writing and
what percentages of the recruits are deaf, hearing?

ANSWER 4: We do not hire anyone. Our SignWriting Literacy Project is
free to any teacher with Deaf students who requests participation in
the project. The teachers give us documented feedback in return for
donated SignWriting materials. Some teachers are Deaf themselves,
others are not....Here is a project description:

The SignWriting Literacy Project

The SignWriting Literacy Project is pioneering a new concept in Deaf
Education. SignWriting books, videos and software are donated to
classes of Deaf students. In return, teachers, students and parents
provide documented feedback. The results are published on the
SignWriting Web Site and in an annual SignWriting Literacy Project
Report, distributed to educators.

SignWriting is a way to read, write and type any signed language. All
materials donated to the schools are written in American Sign
Language (ASL), authored by Deaf native ASL signers. An English
translation of the original ASL is included with most publications.
The SignWriting videos are taught in ASL with English voice-over.
Fluency in reading and writing American Sign Language is used as a
bridge to teach written English. Although this is a new project,
feedback is already coming in, and the results are positive.

The project began in 1998. An example of one participating school:

Albuquerque Public Schools
SignWriting Literacy Project

Would you like your school to participate? Your students must be Deaf
signers, and one teacher in your classroom needs to be on email to
receive information and to give feedback....

If your school is located in a country that does not use American
Sign Language, and you are willing to translate the materials into
your signed language in SignWriting, we will be happy to help you as
much as possible. It is a large job, but well worth it!

Write for more information:

The SignWriting Literacy Project
The DAC, Deaf Action Committee For SignWriting
P.O. Box 517, La Jolla, CA, 92038-0517, USA


Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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