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From:  Denise Larkin
Date:  Thu Apr 12, 2001  3:11 pm
Subject:  Reading Literacy

Greetings all,

I have enjoyed reading all the research papers and the past email messages
in the archives. I learned a lot from the communications between Cecelia
Smith (a student in the Masters of Linguistics program at Gallaudet
University)from 1988. One thing I seem to notice is most of the questioning
and research is geared toward writing literacy. Please correct me if I am
wrong. I am working on a research paper on reading literacy and I was
wondering if anyone could help me. I am having a touch time convincing
people in AZ to try new things, so I want to really have my act together and
have all the information possible when I step into the "lion's den" and try
and convince people that change is good.

I see Sign Writing as so many wonderful things. One of these things is a
bridge for Deaf children. Signed language is at times their first or second
language, and teachers are expecting the children to be able to make the
leap from signed language to written language. Sign Writing seems to me to
be the bridge that helps the children understand written language in their
language and eventually in the hearing world's language.
Can anyone tell me about their successes with children and their improvement
in reading (and writing) with Sign Writing? I am interested in before and
after stories. The struggles and the successes.

Thank you all so much for your help. I know I don't talk much on the SW
group list, but I am learning so much from all of you.

Denise Larkin
in Arizona, USA

PS: Dear Valerie, in reading all the old archive messages, I saw
communications with Ruth Kartchner and the SW group back in 1988. She is an
instructor at the University of Arizona. I am going to look her up and tell
her about all the wonderful progress in Sign Writing. I need all the help I
can get to spread the message and help these children succeed.

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