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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Apr 15, 2001  8:28 pm
Subject:  SignWriting in Arizona

Denise Larkin wrote:
>PS: Dear Valerie, in reading all the old archive messages, I saw
>communications with Ruth Kartchner and the SW group back in 1988. She is an
>instructor at the University of Arizona. I am going to look her up and tell
>her about all the wonderful progress in Sign Writing. I need all the help I
>can get to spread the message and help these children succeed.

SignWriting List
April 15, 2001

Hello Denise -
Just wanted to acknowledge this PS: to me ;-))

I am so happy you will be communicating with Ruth Kartchner..Actually
Ruth is still a member of the SignWriting List, but we haven't seen a
message from her in a long time. Ruth is originally from Argentina, I
believe, and has been supportive of using SignWriting in Argentina,
as well as Arizona...

Meanwhile, I received five requests this weekend, for SW information
packets, from people in the Tempe, Arizona area...And last week we
had questions from:

Sarah Cmeyla

Arizona State University

So maybe you are already working your magic, Denise...People do seem
interested in Arizona ;-)

Val ;->


Valerie Sutton


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