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Date:  Sun Apr 15, 2001  6:36 pm

Dear Tini,
You sent me this e-mail some time ago. I put in in another file and have
just now reread it. My children speak Dutch very well. Their father is
Dutch. Their English is also very good. We speak mostly Dutch here at home
and I have to kick myself so I don't forget to speak English. Dutch has
become my primary language. I haven't had any time to sit down and study the
sign writer. I've been finishing off other projects first so I can divide my
time between learning sign writing, writing stories and my music. I'm still
trying to find out where I can learn sign language, but it's not easy.  I'm
going to order a CD from the Nederlands Centrum voor Gebarentaal and see how
far I get with that.

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> Hello Patsy. So good to hear from you. You asked where we are from? We are
> orriginally from den Haag and live now in Gore Bay Manitoulin Island
> Ontario.
> No, we have no relatives as farmers. Yes it is terrible with that Hoof and
> Mouth disease. It is SCARRY!! It is so sad that many healthy animals have
> be distroid!!!!
> How are your children coping with the Dutch language or do they speak as
> fluent as you do?
> Learning sign language is not easy, specially the grammar. I find the sign
> writing is helping me with increasing my vocabulary.
> It will be great to see children stories in SW. Patsy. A wonderful way of
> learning ASL.
> Have to go, good luck and so nice to be in touch, bye for now, yours Tini.
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