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From:  Michele Lewis
Date:  Sun Nov 1, 1998  3:26 pm
Subject:  A few questons/comments

Yes Valerie, I am alive out here! I just finished
completing Web Report #2 and I thought I would post a couple
of questions/comments to the list.

My kids are starting to get the hang of reading Sign Writing
now that I have shifted my focus from teaching them the
individual parts of the signs to teaching them the sign as a
whole. The flashcards helped me figure this out. They had
no problem remembering the signs when I used the
flashcards. I think that the Goldilocks Book 1 confused
them. They are doing better with Book 2 with the signs
presented in sentence form and not broken down. When I
teach them a new sign, I do point out the individual parts
to show but I am not drilling them on the invidual parts.
Basically, I am teaching them to read the signs not compose

Is there any plans for teacher lesson plans to be
published? I think that daily lessons plans written by an
experienced Sign Writer teacher would be VERY helpful to us
out ehre who are still learning Sign Writing ourselves!

Is there a release date yet on the Windows version of the
Sign Writing Computer Program. DOS and I do not get along
very well :)

I think that I will be able to devote more time to Sign
Writing now. I am at the point that I no longer instruct
the children in ASL. We just converse and we pause to learn
new words or I will correct a grammar error. The have an
extensive vocabulary and can hand;e routine, day-to-day

Valerie, do you think that Sign Writing will catch on to the
point that it is taught in residential schools to children?

Gee, I just re-read my e-mail and I see that it jumps from
topic to topic! Y'all will have to forgive me, my brain is
fried from handling 4 small children all day! Excuse me
while I go change a diaper :)

Michele Lewis
Plant City, FL

Homeschooling mother of four children

Kelly age 6 (1st grade level)
Kaitlyn age 5 (1st grade level)
Kristin age 2 (learning her numbers and ABC's. She can sign
about 20 words)
Jimmy age 14 months (he is exempt from school!)

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