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From:  Mark Penner
Date:  Mon Sep 24, 2001  6:08 am
Subject:  Re: CD of Web Site

At 09:13 01/09/13 -0700, you wrote:
> Bill Reese wrote:
> >I'll be making 50 CD's to hand out at the Southern Deaf Showcase in
> >Clearwater, FL on the 20th and 21st of this month. If anyone on the
> >list is planning to go to that, just drop by the ALDA-Suncoast booth.

I can't make it to the above meeting, but if you wouldn't mind, I would be
more than happy to pay for postage, handling, cost of making the CD, your
time, profit margin, whatever else you can think of. Whatever the price
(well, okay, within reason!) I'm sure after a couple hours or so of use, I
would have saved over the cost of being on-line. Plus it probably is a lot
quicker to get around than my web connection would be. So quote me a price!


Mark Penner
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Kiyose Shi, Tokyo To 204-0012

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