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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Nov 6, 2001  12:28 am
Subject:  Re: Deaf Children Express Grief

SignWriting List
November 5, 2001

Hello Tini, Henk and Bill!
Thanks for your message about slow downloading times. Sorry to hear
you had trouble once again. And thanks too, to Bill, for explaining
the issues to you.

I was aware, when I posted those files, that they are too large for
computers downloading from a slower modem...but I figured "something
is better than nothing", and for people with faster modems there
should be no problem.

It will take me about a day to really work on those documents to try
to reduce their file certainly can be done, and I plan to
do so, as soon as I have completed the beta test version of

Meanwhile, Tini and Henk, were you able to finally download the files
with Bill's help?

Val ;-)


>Dear Valerie,
>Tini and I visited this website again because we wanted to make a few more
>prints. We found that, just like the last time, it takes rather long to
>download. On our system we have a blank screen for at least 15 minutes
>before the first pictures arrive. Usually when we visit S.W.websites we do
>see images within seconds. What could be the reason? Does it have something
>to do with acrobat?

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