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From:  Regina Brooks
Date:  Tue Nov 6, 2001  3:22 am
Subject:  Seeking information

Hello Sign Writing List.

I am writing a paper on "How Deaf Children are Educated" for an ASL
interpretation class at Pastor's College. I learned about Sign Writing
about 5 weeks ago and I am very excited about it. I receive the list mail,
and really enjoy learning from all of you.

Is there a compilation anywhere that would tell me how many American states
and other countries have groups currently using SW? I would like to include
that list in my research project. Also helpful would be any statistics on
the increase in SW use.

And, of course, any other fine points that relate SW to the education of
deaf children will be appreciated. I am especially interested in insights
that pertain to deaf children with hearing parents or siblings.

Thank you, and God bless you all.

Regina Brooks

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