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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Thu Nov 15, 2001  6:10 pm
Subject:  Re: Spelling questions

Hi Stuart,

thank you very much for your spelling questions -

I sat down and wrote several possibilities and there are definitely more -
depends on your focus ;-)

We can get a very easy to read sign like the first one - or another one
with a lot of more information (starting and ending position -- ... ) I like
the spelling with the facial expression - it is enough to read the movement

(looking back in time --)
I am used to transcribe videos - so therefore you would understand that
there are several aspects - shoulders, head-movement, mouth-gesture, the
movement of the right V-hand - directly backward over your right shoulder -
or is there a wrist-flexing, or a curved movement ...

So - all in all - the wonderfull thing about SW is that now we have got a
basis to discuss several suggestions on a solid visual platform-
I am not familiar with ASL - so I just added some intuitiv speculations -

In Your spelling of the second sign - you better write the left hand in a
different way - have a look at my gif

All the very best

Stefan ;-)

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From: Stuart Thiessen
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2001 8:26 PM
Subject: Spelling questions

> Hello all! Wondered if you could give me some feedback on the spelling of
> these two ASL signs ...
> The first means to look back in time. It is the sign for look but pointing
> over the shoulder.
> The second means to "mess up" or disrupt or associated meanings like that.
> starts with the right 5 hand clawed upward and rotates from the wrist
> The left 5 hand clawed pointing forward and rotates from the wrist
> Is that the right way to write this?
> I'm sure my description isn't the best for the second sign, but I'm not
> how better to describe it with English descriptions of movement.
> Thanks,
> Stuart
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