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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 17, 2001  11:22 pm
Subject:  SignWriting T-Shirts ;-)

>Did I miss some correspondence about it? Like we overlooked Valerie's
>letter? Tini.

SignWriting List
November 17, 2001

Hello Everyone, and Tini -
Do not worry about overlooking my correspondence - with all the mail
on the SignWriting List that certainly is not surprising! We all
overlook messages from time to time...

Regarding the T-Shirts, Tini, yes of course they would be a great
Christmas gift for people. I personally cannot invest in printing
T-Shirts for people right now, nor do I have the time to send them
out to people if they ordered them....

But maybe you and your friends could order directly for your own
T-Shirts? Here is a place that wants our business - you could send
them your own SignWriting T-Shirt design and they could make some for
you. You could collect the money in advance from your group? If you
choose to do this, tell us how it goes! Val ;-)


Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2001 10:52:03 EST
Subject: Advertising and Volunteer Appreciation Products
To: SignWriting List

My name is Geri DeGood and I work for Trinity Systems. We are a Promotional
Products Company and we work primarily with churches, ministries and
nonprofit organizations. We offer competitive prices on t-shirts, fundraising
items such as pens, rulers, candy and recognition items such as bumper
stickers, business card magnets, and calendars.

I do not know if you use any of these products but I would love the
opportunity to provide you with a quotation for anything that you might need.
I would also be glad to send a catalog to you.

Thank you for your time.
Geri DeGood
Trinity Systems, Inc.

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