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From:  Jerry Spillman
Date:  Sun Nov 18, 2001  2:35 pm
Subject:  Re: Nov.5 letter

Dear Tini and List,

I know we have had some discussion on T-shirts, Mugs, and even
posters... Personally, I think they are all a great idea. However, not
unlike Valerie, most of us are just short of time for developing this
project. In my experience, I have contacted several companies who do
mugs, and find that if you want a nice one you will have to pay $10-$25
US for each one in the quantities we could afford at present (say 10 to
25). T-shirts are another matter again. One can purchase nice t-shirts
fairly inexpensively, ($4 to $6 US) at outlet stores. The iron-on kits
available from most computer stores are also fairly inexpensive. As to
posters, it is again the investment for the setup that is quite
expensive, once that is done, most printers are fairly reasonable.

Unfortunately, I am without either resource, time or money to invest at
this time. I'm sure that if someone on the list would like to take any
one of these things on independently that the rest of the list would be
grateful, and even perhaps supportive in purchasing the product as soon
as it is available.

Tini and Val, I really like the idea of the book bag, especially if it
could be made of nylon or a good cotton duck fabric. I know "shopping"
bags like that are available, and again, perhaps those could be done
with "heat transfer" stencils such as in the t-shirt kits. I am sure
they can be silk screened, but again that gets expensive.


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