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From:  Henk Pel
Date:  Sat Nov 17, 2001  6:44 am
Subject:  Re: Nov.5 letter

Hello Valerie and list,
We just found your letter of the above date, about tote bags, from you
Valerie. We don't know how it got overlooked.
Yes we looked at the history web site and found the bags. To bad they are
no longer in existence. Those are such nice Christmas gifts to students who
are involved in S.L. courses. This is why I asked some time ago, what ever
happened to the idea of T-shirts, coffee mugs and posters. Your answer then
was that you were not sure either. Those are good fundraising items, if they
are not too expensive of course.
Jerry? Anyone?
Did I miss some correspondence about it? Like we overlooked Valerie's

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