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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Nov 24, 2001  2:40 am
Subject:  Canadian student's photo

SignWriting List
November 23, 2001

SW List members, and Tini!
Thanks so much for sending me the photo of you and your students,
Tini. I look forward to posting the photo so everyone can "meet" your
students ;-)

And your blue tote bag that says "hello" in ASL in SignWriting is
hanging on a hook right near my deep blue iMac computer, my blue
keyboard, and my blue Epson printer! Your tote bag matches my
computer - ha!

I love it!

Val ;-)


>Hello Valerie and list,
>I just came back from our local reporter to get the picture he took some
>time ago, of our students, to send it up to you. Instead, he has sent it
>straight from his office, to you Valerie. He hasn't had time to write the
>article yet, so I was anxious to get the picture to you before it got lost.
>I will mention their names, so the students in Germany and New Mexico will
>know whom they are corresponding with.
>Front row from L. to R.: Janene- Andrienne- Ian- Stephany- Theresa
>(Stephanie's mother).
>Back row: Jimmy- Paul- Nicole- Charnelle and me in the background.
>Next Wednesday will be our last day for this season. We will start in
>February again.
>Bye for now, yours,

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