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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Dec 5, 2001  3:51 pm
Subject:  Re: SignoEscritura and SenaGrafia.

Hector Devia in Colombia wrote:
>what about the spanish terms "SeñaGrafía" for
>SignWrinting, "SeñáGrafo" for SingWriter, and "señagrama" for a
>wrote sign? (SeñaEscritura or SeñaEscritor sound strange for
>latinspanish people.)

SignWriting List
December 5, 2001

Hello Hector and Everyone -
Regarding the trademarks "SignWriting" and "SignWriter"...

They are proper names - just like your name is Hector Devia...In
Spanish they can call me Valeria, and I am happy with that, even
though in English my name is Valerie...but not everyone is happy if
their names change from language to is a complicated

In some countries, they do not translate the names SignWriting and
SignWriter at all. For example, in Brazil, the term "SignWriting"
will appear in the middle of a Portuguese text....They do not change
the English name to a Portuguese name.

In other countries, they translate the trademark "SignWriting" into
their spoken language. In Denmark and Norway it is "TegnSkrift". In
Germany and Switzerland, it is "GebaerdenSchrift". And in Spain they
say "SignoEscritura"...All of those names are based on the
trademark...They all have a capital letter in the first and second
word, and both words are always connected...and all of them do not
sound right in daily speech...Here in the US, the term "SignWriting"
is not normal English at all - it is simply a proper name.

So you can call it "SignWriting" or "SignoEscritura" or
"SenaEscritura" ...those names fit with the trademark... SenaGrafia
fits too...although it is quite different than the name chosen in

And when it comes to the computer program name "SignWriter", I
realize now that it is better to keep the name the same all over the
world, because it is a "product" that people can order through a
bookstore, and if the name changes for the product, it becomes
complicated for sales...The SignWriter Computer Program is in many
languages, but it should have the same name all over the world.

Hector - you used the term "La Escritura de Senas" in your documents
- I am sure that people will understand that well, so don't change
your documents - just say somewhere in the beginning of any
publication that "La Escritura de Senas" is known as "SignWriting" in
the US and Brazil, and "SignoEscritura" in Spain...

Have you asked others how they feel about the term "SenaGrafia"?

Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton

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