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From:  Hector Devia
Date:  Sat Dec 8, 2001  9:00 pm
Subject:  Re: SignoEscritura and SenaGrafia.

Sw-list, Steve and Diana Parkhust.
Thank you for your comments, How to call correctly the language of the Deaf and their writing system? Of course that is something controversial.
As interpreter for Deaf people, if I don't use the acepted terminology, I will become out. But the meanig, the exact meaning is important too. INSOR the "Instituto Nacional de Sordos" the goverment agency for Deaf, FENASCOL the "Federacion Nacional de Sordos de Colombia" have moved to "señas" insted "manual" or "signos" so we say "Lengua de Señas Colombiana" and abreviate as LSC. (in informal speech we say "señas", no more).
About "Escritura" vs "Grafía" both words meaning the same but the reference area of meaning of "Grafía" include draws and other types of writing. For example the spanish words ideografía, caligrafía, ortografía, and others are from every day speech (from hearing people of course).
When I showed to others ones the words SignWriting they had problems pronuncing it, because they know and speak spanish and LSC only, when I change to SeñaGrafía it sound well and insteresting for them, of course as in translation work, I can put an explanation as "Escritura de Señas" but its a sentece not a proper name.
So I feel SeñaGrafia could be a good name.
Hasta Luego a todos los miembros de la Lista SignoEscritura.

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