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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Dec 20, 2001  8:03 pm
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: How To Publish in Vertical Columns

SignWriting List
December 20, 2001

>>What is the order of the work steps we should take, to publish in
>>vertical columns? Is this the publishing sequence?...

(1) Notation in SW4.4 (horizontal)
(2) Send you these as SW4.4. files for conversion to better graphics
(3) Print your refined version
(4) Scan printed form into our Mac computer
(5) Make Tiff images of each symbol in Photoshop
(6) Place Tiff images in vertical columns

This is an important question. I never print or scan anything, since
everything is done as computer files. So numbers 3 - 6 above are
eliminated... Scanning should be avoided, since it can reduce the
quality of the SignWriting graphics.

Here is what I suggest:

(1) Type your SignWriting document directly in SW4.4. This creates a .SGN file.
(2) If your document is a true story in Sign Language, do not think
in terms of glosses
of individual signs. Instead type the whole story exactly as it is
signed, including
facial expressions and grammar and structure, directly in the SGN file.
(3) Be sure there is NO spoken language in the .SGN file...only pure
(4) Do not convert the file to columns. Leave it horizontal, as it was typed.
(5) Send me an email message, with the .SGN file attached.
(6) In the email message, tell me what SignWriting Services* you wish to order.


*SIGNWRITING SERVICES is a new program I am offering, designed for
groups and individuals who have the funds to pay for my help with
their SignWriting publications. I will post a listing of the
available services and their fees shortly.

**BUT! There will always be free technical support on the SignWriting
List too, so keep those questions coming! ;-)

If you request this service, I will convert your SGN File to better
looking graphics. I will then create Graphics files for you, of the
converted SW. The files can be "three SW lines at a time" or they can
be sign by sign. You can request any kind of graphics format.
Although I personally suggest .GIFs for SignWriting, I will create
any graphics format you choose.

(8) I will then bundle all the converted graphics files, compress
them, and post them on a web page, where you can download them.

(9) Your graphics artist can then paste each diagram, piece by piece,
into the final layout of your publication. In Photoshop, or other
graphics software, your graphics artist can change any GIFs to TIFFs the format I send you can be changed at will, with no
printing or scanning.

I can also place your signs in vertical columns for you, but that is
another SignWriting Service, which I will explain better soon!
Val ;-)

Valerie Sutton


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