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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Dec 20, 2001  6:24 pm
Subject:  ZURICH: How To Publish in Vertical Columns

SignWriting List
December 20, 2001

>>Do you really use Gifs for printing? My people here tell me that Tiff
is a better quality for printing. Maybe you're better informed?

Ahh....It is a myth, that one graphics format is ALWAYS better than
another. It depends on the software you are using, and the purpose of
your document.

To publish books, TIFFs and EPS formats have value. To publish web
sites, GIFs and JPEGs are a requirement. So it all depends...

I learned, when using Adobe ImageReady software, that there are over
30 kinds of GIFs. Some of those GIF formats are as sophisticated as
high-resolution TIFFs.

Meanwhile, a low-level GIF is generally fine for basic black and
white line drawings, such as SignWriting. TIFFs can be an overkill
for very simple line drawings. But your graphics artist is welcome to
use any format that is best for them...

I will give you my sequence for publishing in the next message -

Thanks for your question!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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