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From:  Charles Butler
Date:  Fri Dec 21, 2001  12:23 am
Subject:  Re: Question: "Constructed Languages?"


I think that what you are looking for is a way to literally "link" an
arbitrary movement, say, "right hand pointer finger at position 45 degrees
palm toward you touching your nose" with the syllable cluster "nu". The
closest symbol system to this is "cued speech" which differentiates between
two syllables that look exactly the same on the face such as "gap" and "cap"
by an arbitarily assigned shape for the hard "g" as opposed to the hard "c"
sound. This system is based on English, at least as far as I know, and has
not been developed for other voiced languages to be literally "assigned" an
arbitrary handshape as a one-to-one correspondence to voiced speech.

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From: Valerie Sutton
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001 3:55 PM
Subject: Question: "Constructed Languages?"

> SignWriting List
> December 20, 2001
> Steven Anthony wrote:
> >>It's seems a lot of folks get into constructed languages
> i.e. <> . Yours seem to be ready
> made in that it is visually based,
> which is easier to remember since mnemonics teaches
> it is always easier to remember visually with representative
> images. Have you ever considered setting up a phoenetic system
> or one based on bigger chunks of syllables,
> that (without knowing any specific language) one could
> verbally convey you signwriting script to another
> person ? Would you please consider it ? Steven Anthony
> Hello Steven!
> Thanks for your question... SignWriting is not a constructed
> language. In fact, it is not a language at all!
> Here is an article about this.....
> No. SignWriting is not a language. It can be compared to an
> "alphabet". Alphabets are not languages themselves. They are tools
> used to record languages that already exist.
> Signed and spoken languages were not written languages from the
> beginning. They were "spoken" or "signed" for centuries without a
> written form.
> A, B and C have no meaning by themselves. It took time to develop a
> good way to read and write the sounds of spoken languages using A, B
> and C. It took centuries before reading and writing spoken languages
> was taught in schools.
> In the same way, the SignWriting symbols have no meaning by
> themselves. SignWriting is a set of visually-designed symbols used to
> record the movements of any signed language. SignWriting records
> exactly how people sign, without changing the signed language being
> recorded.
> Who knows? Maybe it won't take centuries before reading and writing
> signs is taught in schools for the Deaf! That may be true partly
> because of the advent of computers. Computers seem to be "speeding
> up" the process.
> --
> Val ;-)
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