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From:  GS-Media
Date:  Fri Dec 21, 2001  11:46 am
Subject:  Re: ZURICH: How To Publish in Vertical Columns

Dear Val,

Many thanks for your thoughtful answers to our questions.

About the vertical columns -
1) You're no doubt right that it's better to avoid scanning altogether,
do everything in SW4.4. Especially if the scanning reduces the quality
of the symbols.
However, with the Noah book, we're in abit of a time bind with the
woman we've hired to do the book design. She has reserved the month of
January to do this, which means we have to get to her by the first of
January some approximation of how much space the SW and corresponding
German translation for each sentence/paragraph takes, plus an idea of
how the symbols actually look when all strung together. So for Noah,
we'll also do a rough hand-cut, pasted in vertical lines and then
scanned version to give to the book designer as soon as possible, so she
can get started on the layout. We'll then get the final form of the
notation to you as early in Jan. as possible for conversion and
transposition. The designer then will have to subsitute your finished
form for our first version of notation in her graphic design for Noah.
We will however do what you suggest with the following book, David -
that is, first get all of our notation in final form, send it to you for
graphic and vertical conversion, then send it all on to the designer for
beginning the David book layout.

2) re. left right placement
Do I understand you rightly, that in the horizontal .SGN file we send
you, we take no note of left-right placement? (Which is anyway hard to
do in the horizonal layout, right?). This means that we add the
left-right placement, plus our shaded line for indicating continued
facial/non-manuals later - to the the graphic version you send back to
us. This would have to be something the team, not the graphic artist,
would have to do - as it involves a knowledge of the sign language.

We would also add the German gloss for each sign to the finished
graphics version. (Hopefully for later books, we won't need the
glosses, but the team felt for this first book, it would be helpful to
the readers unfamiliar with SW.)

Hmm, all for now I guess (on this point, anyway).
Thanks again.

Penny Boyes Braem


Oerlikonerstrasse 98

CH-8057 Zürich


Cell: 078 6622309
Fax: ++41 (0)1 312-1362
Home: ++41 (0)61 361-7936
Work: ++41 (0)1 312-4850

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