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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Dec 29, 2001  4:19 pm
Subject:  GOOD GRAPHICS: SignWriting Software

>>Stuart Thiessen wrote: I've been experimenting with Java and GIF's
>>and things for my computer "fun". Thought I would play with that.
>>I might play around with creating a "sign-maker" program as a test
>>of my programming skills. Basically, that would involve a program
>>that could create signs that could be either saved as a graphic
>>file or copied to a wordprocessor. It would not be a full-fledged
>>sign processor like SignWriter, but it could have some purpose for
>>people submitting sign questions....

Thank you, Stuart, for your offer of help, and certainly your idea
would be wonderful!! I hope you can find time to do the project on
your own, since it is needed ;-)

Actually, Stuart, you have had quite an influence on SignWriting over
the years. For example, you helped us with ideas for saving
SignWriter files to Postscript and BMP awhile back. Your ideas then
made it easier for Richard Gleaves to improve SignWriter 4.3. The
result was SignWriter 4.4....

And your idea of creating a CD of our web sites is happening
too...The CD itself may not be ready for several months, but we are
working on it behind the scenes...The result will be a SignWriting
2002 CD, which will capture ten SignWriting-related sites.

So thank you, Stuart, for thinking of new ideas once again!

Val ;-)


Valerie Sutton

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