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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Dec 29, 2001  4:04 pm
Subject:  MOUTH MOVEMENT: Writing Standards

>>>Stefan in Germany wrote: Here in Germany the native DEAF signer
>>>uses "mouthing" very very often. In fact since I started to write
>>>SW a year ago I had to learn that my first documents are
>>>difficult to read because I neglected too many mouth-movements
>>>that are associated with articulating voiceless German words

Thank you, Stefan, for this interesting message...People do mouth
when they sign. And each mouthing gesture has some relation to the
spoken language of the country. So I would assume that mouthing in
Germany would look a little different than mouthing in Spain, or the
USA, or in Japan...

Sutton Movement Writing offers a general list of symbols for writing
any facial expression. The list is "generic" or "neutral". It is not
specific to any country. Then, people using SignWriting in different
countries, "apply" those symbols to write the mouth gestures related
to their language.

I really love some of the standardizations you have developed in
Germany, Stefan!

Take a look at the attached GIF, everyone....As you can see, Stefan
has chosen a single SW mouth symbol to represent the sound of "A",
when people mouth in German...So instead of asking his students to
decide which of 6 SW mouth symbols they would like to use, they all
know that that specific symbol represents the "A" in German:

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