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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Dec 29, 2001  6:23 pm
Subject:  Re: JAPAN: SignWriting for Japanese Sign Language

SignWriting List
December 29, 2001

Dear SW List members, and Flavio -

Thanks for this message, and I hope you will keep us informed as to
your SignWriting project with computers in Brazil and Japan!

You are right, it is a coincidence that I confused your name with
someone else in Brazil who worked with Antonio Carlos before - But I
am glad to know you are communicating with each other, since there
are several Brazilian attempts at software for SignWriting that may
be of interest to you...and very useful for the world too. Whenever
there is one ready, please tell us!

And it will be nice for Mark Penner in Japan to know of your interest
in SignWriting too...

So the year 2002 looks bright...

And Happy New Year everyone!

Val ;-)


>Flavio Medina wrote:
>Hello Val and members of the SW-List!
>Thank you for your welcome! I'm very glad to
>participate of this list!
>My name is Flavio R. M. Oliveira, and I'm from Brazil.
>Recently (in April of 2001) I moved to Japan to do my
>masters course in IT (Information Technology).
>In Brazil I participated of a Ministry with Deafs in
>my church for about two years, and since then, I
>really got into the "deaf world", making hundreds of
>new deaf friends all the time, and being with them in
>many other situations than church - schools, shoping
>centers, associations, ...
>Since I came to Japan I've been trying to get into the
>"deaf society" of here too, even though because of my
>lack of time it's a real hard job to find free time to
>spare with them, and have some good fun!!!
>Anyway, sorry for being long... Let's go to the
>In the very first place, I am not really sure if I'll
>be able of doing my research on the SL topic really.
>I'm still in "negotiation stage" with my surpevisor,
>and there is much other stuff on which I depend to
>know a final answer. But I'm really interested in SW,
>I'd really love to do something on that topic.
>Second, I'm not sure if I am the Flavio you're
>referring to, Val. I did get interested in SW since
>Brazil, but I didn't even thought about doing research
>on it before comming to Japan. And I also just entered
>in toouch with Dr. Rocha recently.
>But coincidently enough, I've been talking to him
>about my intents of doing my masters in SW. So,
>according what I've talked to my surpevisor until now,
>working in cooperation with Dr. Rocha in some issues
>related to SWMS, and creating some applications (text
>editor and/or chat applications, mainly) using SWMS
>seems to be quite a possible topic of my research.
>But as I told before, it's all very undefined yet to
>say anything decisive.
>But independent of that, I'd love to be able to
>interact with you all and learn a lot about SW!!
>I'll keep in touch with you all!
>Bye, and in case I don't send any message soon, I wish
>you all a very nice new year!
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