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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sun Dec 30, 2001  6:52 pm
Subject:  STICK FIGURES: Typing

>Stefan in Germany wrote:
>Is it possible at all to write dancewriting with the same SignWriter 4.4
>and should I continue to create stickfigures on my own with the SSS?

Yes, piecing stick figures together, stick by stick, taking the
symbols from the SSS, as you mention above, is the only way we have
right now.

Someday I hope to include "typing stick figures with keystrokes" as a
part of a more sophisticated version of SignWriter...but that is not
available yet.

In SignWriter 4.4, stick figure pieces are available on the top row
of keys, as shown in this diagram:
Type: image/gif
Size: 10k

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