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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Tue Jan 1, 2002  3:40 pm
Subject:  Re: STICK FIGURES: Typing

Dear Valerie and Listmembers

> In SignWriter 4.4, stick figure pieces are available on the top row
> of keys, as shown in this diagram:

I was wondering. I never used these "stick figure pieces" before because I
did not know about them before. If I felt in need to write a special sign
with additional "stick figure pieces" I did all this by collecting the
single pieces from other keys .

Today - reading your messages again - I checked my "German - version SW 4.4
keyboard "

I was curious wether these symbols might be usefull for creating an animated
dance-movement - gif ....

But ...

The "stick figure pieces" are not included - at least in the German SW 4.4
version. I am not in need of them right now - but just curious - can I
download another "country - keyboard that shows these symbols "

Which country-code SW version does include them -

Maybe the Listmember could be so kind to check their keyboards and give a
short feedback ?
This would help Valerie to save time and energy for more important things

Happy New Year

Stefan :-)

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