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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 16, 2002  4:21 pm
Subject:  Re: Questions for a Notation Comparisons Study

>Susanne wrote: Still, writing economy is a valid point, even though
>SW Printing was
>designed for its reading economy. I believe what is used in most
>(all?) schools in the SW literacy project is printing and not
>shorthand. And not all schools use computers for this all the time.
>We have seen wonderful pieces of writing in SW by schoolchildren. So,
>SW printing is used for handwriting and therefore wrting economy does
>matter. The fact that all these children don't seem to find the
>symbols difficult and can fluently write them, however, does make the
>hypothesis of "a good writing system has to have a good reading
>economy" somewhat less important. It's great to have the literacy
>project as a background that can be referred to. And whose success
>can be referred to, also.


SignWriting List
January 16, 2002

Hello Everyone!
You know, Susanne, you are absolutely right with everything you say above ;-))

And I had to laugh, looking at myself and SignWriting history....We
have such a long history of 28 years of work, that sometimes I forget
all that has been accomplished. So to add to your point that people
are using SignWriting Printing for writing too....

As you know, SignWriting started in 1974 at the University of
Copenhagen, developed before personal computers. This means that
SignWriting Printing was written by hand from 1974 until around

Back in the US, in 1981, I started a newspaper written in American
Sign Language, called the SignWriter Newspaper. It was 20 long pages
(the paper was the size of a normal newspaper). That meant we had 20
pages of SignWriting to publish, without a typewriter for the SignWriter Computer Program yet - ha!

Soooo....we used ink pens and templates to make the symbols look good
for publishing (see attached photo)... (continued next message)....
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