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From:  Sergio Ribeiro
Date:  Thu Jan 17, 2002  11:58 pm

Hello Flavio Medina and List Members.

My name is Sergio. About SW Software I am using SW 4.4 - DOS. I don
writter very well that one, because DOS is very slow and SW 4.4 DOS haven
all signs. It much spend my time ! I thinking wich writting with hands and
pencil is better. It own. I questioned about SW for Windows. Regarding
this... SW 5.0 development in processing, SignNet project Brazil in
processing. No prevision. I have frustrating. Consenquently I do for test
one program in VB 6.0 where this may be most fast. But my dificult was
converting the sign of the SW DOS for BMP format. Hard working. If the sign
or pictures of the faces, hands, fings, arrows, etc. be in directory or
folders. Made Software for to work and to join after save in BMP format or
another it is easy. If you save the final sign ex. House. You may use Word
6.0 Windows or another word editor for writting in SW because you have a
previus sign list. Only insert in word editor. Atached program screen for
ideia. If you want i can send to you code program.

Sergio Ribeiro

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