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From:  Steve and Dianne Parkhurst
Date:  Fri Jan 18, 2002  6:56 am
Subject:  SW regular publications

Dear List,

I am curious: in the history of SW, how many regular publications have there
been written in SW? For example, there was the quarterly SW newspaper
between 1981 and 1984. Later Valerie published a SW newsletter. (Valerie,
how many issues of that were produced?) And of course now there is all the
stuff on the web. Here in Spain we have a semi-monthly magazine (8 issues a
year) with stories in SW in Spanish SL. Each issue is usually between 16 and
20 pages long (typing paper size folded in half). We just published issue
number 20. Are there (have there been) any other such publications in the
world? What about Nicaragua, Brazil, etc.?


Have a super day,
Steve :-)

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