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From:  Stefan Woehrmann2
Date:  Fri Jan 18, 2002  5:17 pm

Hi Sergio - and List Members,

well I am interested in all kinds of programs that help present SW under
Windows. I not quite sure what you are doing with your program.

Please let me ask back:
There are several steps to create documents in Word .

1) type a sign with SW44 - in DOS
2) convert the sign to a .bmp graphic
3) paste the graphics from a folder (sign list) with alphabetic order into
the document

is this true ??

Sefan ;-)

----- Original Message -----
From: "Sergio Ribeiro"
Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2002 11:58 PM

> Hello Flavio Medina and List Members.
> My name is Sergio. About SW Software I am using SW 4.4 - DOS. I don
> writter very well that one, because DOS is very slow and SW 4.4 DOS haven

> all signs. It much spend my time ! I thinking wich writting with hands and
> pencil is better. It own. I questioned about SW for Windows.
> this... SW 5.0 development in processing, SignNet project Brazil in
> processing. No prevision. I have frustrating. Consenquently I do for test
> one program in VB 6.0 where this may be most fast. But my dificult was
> converting the sign of the SW DOS for BMP format. Hard working. If the
> or pictures of the faces, hands, fings, arrows, etc. be in directory or
> folders. Made Software for to work and to join after save in BMP format or
> another it is easy. If you save the final sign ex. House. You may use Word
> 6.0 Windows or another word editor for writting in SW because you have a
> previus sign list. Only insert in word editor. Atached program screen for
> ideia. If you want i can send to you code program.
> Sergio Ribeiro
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