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From:  Dan Parvaz
Date:  Sun Jan 20, 2002  8:42 pm
Subject:  Re: SignWriting Font (DE) & a request

> As to my request: I use a Mac and do not have the software to
> simulate a PC environment. Therefore I cannot use SignWriter at the
> moment.

You can try PCx, which is a freeware PC emulator for Macs. I'm using it
to run MS-DOS 6.2 in Classic mode on MacOS X. If you're using MacOS 9.2
or earlier, it's even easier. First, download the emulator...

.... then start the program and create a hard disk image (really just a
big file). Run PCx, booting from a DOS installation diskette. If you
don't have MS-DOS, you can learn how to get DR-DOS for free at:

Once you install DOS, you're almost there. Download and unzip the ZIP
file version of SW. Mount the hard disk image (by double-clicking on it)
and copy the SW folder to the DOS partition. "Eject" the partition (not
the image file!) by dragging it to the trash. Run PCx, booting from your
partition, go to your SW folder and run SW.EXE.

That's it! You can save files as BMPs or print to PostScript files,
which you then can access from MacOS.

Viel Glueck, :-)


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