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From:  Susanne Bentele
Date:  Sun Jan 20, 2002  2:17 pm
Subject:  SignWriting Font (DE) & a request

Dear Val and everyone,

a few days ago I downloaded the SignWriting Font for Macintosh and
noticed to things that look like errors to me. I don't know if
there's a variety in German fingerspelling in this respect (not that
I have heard of...) but to me the "D" and the "W" are not quite
correct. Maybe your German informant does use another variety of
fingerspelling - then I apologize in advance for the following
suggestions... :-)

D: As I know it (and if I read the symbols correctly) the D-hand
should be held in the same direction as the "o" (i.e. the other
person should be able to look through the hole). As I read the
symbol, this is not the case.

W: As I know the W, the baby finger is not extended but rather forms
a little circle together with the thumb, so that index, middle and
ring finger point upwards and the remaining to fingers are "closed".

Maybe other Germans on the list (Stefan?) could comment on this. (A
possible solution in the case of a variety would be to put the
alternative handshape on the keyboard as well - maybe using the shift

As to my request: I use a Mac and do not have the software to
simulate a PC environment. Therefore I cannot use SignWriter at the
moment. However, I would like to include some signs written in
SignWriting in my thesis to illustrate what I am writing. Some of the
things I need I have already found in examples all of you have sent
to the list during the past years (Thank you!!!). There are,
nevertheless, some signs I wasn't able to find and maybe someone can
volunteer and write them for me...? (Spelling doesn't matter at all
as long as the sign is "correct";) That would be ever so useful for

The signs that I need are the following:
COW / KUH (Y-handshape at side of forehead (one-or two-handed doesn't matter))
SAME (ASL) / WELCHE (DGS) (Y-handshape, moving from side to side)
BALANCE / WIEGEN (flat hand, palm up, two hands move up and down
alternating, hands are quite near to each other)
EAR / HÖREND (index finger close to ear, repeatedly tapping ear)
MILK / MILCH (C-hands move up and down alternating, while moving down
close into fist)
STAND / STEHEN (V-hand stands on palm of flat hand; no movement)

I do hope one of you can spare the time to help me out (or even has
these signs in their dictionary)! Thank you very much!

I hope you had a good weekend and wish you all the best for the new week,

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