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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 22, 2002  7:16 pm
Subject:  Windows Interface For SignWriter 4.4

SignWriting List
January 22, 2002

Rikki, and other programmers...

Guess what? I already have a Windows interface programmed...with the
source code in Java...for SignWriter 5.0.

The real SignWriter 5.0 program never got "connected to that
interface" obviously, for a real SignWriter 5.0 release, we
would have a huge job ahead of us....

BUT...the interface itself is nice looking in java...and it works in
windows and the Mac...and the code is just sitting here, not being

Would it be possible, to create a DOS shell inside the Java interface
and then SignWriter 4.4 could be accessed through the Java interface,
appearing to the user, to be a Windows program? It would be SW4.4
inside SW5.0's user interface....that would be a great interim
solution until the real SW 5.0 is available.

Could that make SignWriter 4.4 accessible to Windows NT?

Val ;-)

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