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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Jan 22, 2002  7:30 pm
Subject:  Re: Your opinions

>Rikki wrote: I'll be quite direct and honest now. I want to develop
>a research on Information Technology in SignWriting,
>and I'd like to do something that would be really
>useful for you, guys. So I'd like to see your opinion
>on this. If you were to choose something you wanted to
>see in computers, or if you are to point some flaw
>today that you wanted to see solved, what would it be? We need:

SignWriting List
January 22, 2002

Many thanks for this kind offer, Rikki! As you know, what I want for
Christmas is .....


Grin! ;-)

A little like a house that is a "protective shell". This Windows
Interface would "house SignWriter 4.4", keeping SW4.4 the same (with
the same typing system we use everyday)...But the Windows Interface
would make us "think" it is a real Windows program (when technically
it is not yet).

It would make it possible to work with SignWriter in Windows NT and
other Windows operating systems that do not allow us to exist to

If you are interested, I can send you the source code for SignWriter 4.4.

Val ;-)

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