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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 23, 2002  3:18 pm
Subject:  Re: Your opinions

SignWriting List
January 23, 2002

Rikki - Nothing sounded wrong....just the were very
kind to offer, and also very realistic. And anything you work on
regarding SignWriting, old or new, will be most welcome.

The development of the SignWriter Computer Program started in 1986,
so that is why we have so many users...and it is I who said it is
old....because it is!...and I am proud of that fact...

But fixing old code is a little like cleaning the house. No one wants
to do it, but when it is done, it sure is nice!

Val ;-)


>I don't this to sound wrong - I thing I already did...
>I don't want to mean by any means that SignWriter is
>old-fashioned or bad. I myself think it is a very good
>idea - SPECIALLY considering that it was developed so
>long ago - oh my, 15 years!!! My problem is having
>something that was actualy developed (by me, as its my
>thesis :). Of course that doesn't mean I can't count
>on the cooperation of other people or use of public
>technology. And because I want to be of good use for
>everyone, I will do my best to join both my course
>requirements and "world real needs". I really hope I'm
>up to the chalenge.
>Thanks, bye!
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