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From:  Stuart Thiessen
Date:  Wed Jan 23, 2002  6:13 pm
Subject:  Re: SW for WINDOWS - When ???

Just to throw in my 2 cents worth,

the easiest way to create a program that would do SW in conventional
programs such as Word, WordPerfect, StarOffice, AmiPro, and other
programs is if there is some kind of "SW composer". This composer could
be called to insert SW signs inside of these programs. For example, if
you can insert an image like a character in the program, then you can do
column-based SW simply by creating appropriate columns on the page, and
then inserting the SW image. The challenge is that currently exporting
under SW4.4 while significantly improved, is still a long process.

So, what is needed for using SW in other programs is a SW composer that
can transfer SW signs in various formats to the clipboard which could
then be pasted into the document. I'm exploring a possible Java
solution to this problem, but there may be ways to do it in other
programming languages as well. I would suggest that GIF or JPG are more
efficient ways to store the SW signs than a BMP file because BMP files
are usually quite large.



Sergio Ribeiro wrote:

>Hi Sefan and List Members,
>Regarding your message...
>I supose with is possible export only simple sign fingers, hands, faces, etc
>to folders anywhere. After capture this sign and insert into program for
>windows and compose the final sign like Love, House, etc. And save .bmp
>format. This folers is like a Dictionary, in word may be insert this sign in
>doc like a Clip Galery.
>Sergio Ribeiro
>Hi Sergio - and List Members,
>well I am interested in all kinds of programs that help present SW under
>Windows. I not quite sure what you are doing with your program.
>Please let me ask back:
>There are several steps to create documents in Word .
>1) type a sign with SW44 - in DOS
>2) convert the sign to a .bmp graphic
>3) paste the graphics from a folder (sign list) with alphabetic order into
>the document
>is this true ??
>Sefan ;-)

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