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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Wed Jan 23, 2002  9:15 pm
Subject:  SignWriter Composer

>>Stuart wrote: So, what is needed for using SW in other programs is
>>a SW composer that can transfer SW signs in various formats to the
>>clipboard which could then be pasted into the document. I'm
>>exploring a possible Java solution to this problem, but there may
>>be ways to do it in other programming languages as well. I would
>>suggest that GIF or JPG are more efficient ways to store the SW
>>signs than a BMP file because BMP files are usually quite large.

SignWriting List
January 23, 2002

Stuart -
I have been meaning to thank you for your new SignMaker project, and
yes...your idea of a SignWriter Composer is a wonderful idea...The
SignWriter Composer in Java that you speak of, is just exactly what
we need because Java is both Mac and Windows, and plus we already
have some java code that could be coordinated later.

Now...if the Composer could load in SignWriter 4.4 as it is right now
and we could type in SignWriter in a Window and then paste whatever
we type into the other document using the Composer...well...that
would be a miracle...

There is a program called NISUS on the Mac that is a word processor
that has a way to compose in other scripts with some kind of a
composer built in...They might be contacted to ask them about their

Yes...GIFs and JPEGS are what I want too...the only reason we
exported to BMP instead of GIFs in SignWriter 4.4, was because
Richard Gleaves said there were copyright issues from CompuServe
because CompuServe used to have control over their GIF
development...if there are no more copyright issues with that, then I
would like to change SignWriter 4.4 to a SignWriter 4.5 someday, that
will export to GIF instead of BMP...Can you investigate the copyright
issues, Stuart?

Thanks again - Val ;-)

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