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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Thu Jan 24, 2002  5:40 pm
Subject:  Re: RES: RES: Windows Interface For SignWriter 4.4

SignWriting List
January 24, 2002

Hello Flavio:
Thanks for this message -

>Val, could you then send the code of the
>SignWriting(s) to me. I think I can have a better idea
>about the size of the challange if I have a look on
>them... By the way, the 4.4 version was programmed in
>what language?

SignWriter 4.4 is written in Microsoft Pascal 3.1 and Assembly
Language, for MS-DOS...old source code.... The symbols were not
handled as GIFs. Instead there is a special symbol editor, which I
entered symbols into...this then made it possible to rotate and flop
thousands of symbols without the user realizing how many symbols
there were...the many varations were hidden under certain keys and
accessed when needed...that is why it is such a sophisticated
program...a real typing system.

>And about the other editors that seem to be around...
>do you know if the are avalable through internet - or
>available at all?

Our organization has developed these programs:

1. SignWriter 4.4 in MS-DOS

2. SignBank 2002 for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux
(scheduled release: Fall 2002)

3. TrueType Fonts for SignWriting

4. Unicode for SignWriting (just beginning)

All other programs are created by others, and you will have to ask
them. I know of no other program available at the moment, but if
there is one, please tell me!

For most of the Brazilian programs, I would suggest asking Antonio Carlos....

Val ;-)

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