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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Mon Jan 28, 2002  6:29 am
Subject:  Re: SW vs. Stokoe notation

SignWriting List
January 27, 2002

Hello Shannon!
Thank you for sharing your classroom experience with us. I appreciate
your message... It sounds like your course at UCSD (University
California at San Diego) is going well ;-)

This made me think of Joe Martin, who worked so hard on his paper
comparing SignWriting and the Stokoe system:

A Linguistic Comparison: SignWriting and Stokoe Notation
by Joe Martin

Joe attended Gallaudet last year, and since then, I have not heard
from him...Does anyone know how to contact Joe? His old email
addresses do not seem to work for me...Joe...if you are reading this,
please write - Hope you are doing well?...

Val ;-)


Shannon Casey wrote:
>Those of you who are interested in SW and Stokoe notation system comparisons
>might be interested in this.
>I am teaching an undergraduate class on the linguistic structure of ASL.
>I gave my students a homework assignment in which they had to match drawings
>of signs from an ASL dictionary with their forms written using SignWriting
>and Stokoe notation. I made the assignment more difficult by including
>several signs that differed only in handshape, movement, or orientation.
>After they completed the assignment I asked them which system they liked
>better and they said, "SignWriting".
>-Shannon Casey

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