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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Sat Feb 2, 2002  5:12 pm
Subject:  Hello Everyone!

SignWriting List
February 2, 2002

My friends -
I have had such a fascinating week!

I have been editing German-Swiss Sign Language, from 55 QuickTime
video clips and from a large SGN document typed in SignWriter 4.4 by
the Zurich project.

Well....actually....I have only completed 36 video clips so
the job is taking longer than expected...but I love the work...and I
will be doing a few video clips a day now, so that I can also share
with you, answer your technical questions, and teach a little as I go

The Zurich Project is fabulous. I am totally mesmerized by Bibi, the
signer who signed the story of Noah on videotape. She is so
expressive!! You should see the mime-like
gestures...gesture-like-signs describing apes, turtles, birds and so
forth, and then the building of the arc, and people in the flood
swimming and holding onto palm trees - I never once looked at the
word glosses the Zurich team sent me, but only looked at the video
clips in QuickTime, and I understood almost everything in Bibi's
signing, even though I do not know German-Swiss Sign Language myself.
And SignWriting can write it all....

And there is something you should all know....The SignWriting of Noah
is not MY is written by a born-Deaf native signer in
Switzerland, who looked at the video of Noah and typed the
SignWriting in SignWriter 4.4 herself. So I am only editing their
excellent document, written by a Deaf person.

More soon - Val ;-)

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