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From:  Steve and Dianne Parkhurst
Date:  Mon Feb 25, 2002  9:57 pm
Subject:  Hola y adios

Greetings from sunny Spain. Actually I'm writing to say that we will be in
the States for about 6 months. We will be traveling quite a bit, so we will
be off the list most of that time. Valerie (or anyone else), if you have any
need or desire to contact us, please address us personally at our address

This summer we will be helping teach a SL linguistics course set at the
University of North Dakota during the SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics)
summer courses. If anyone is interested in information about the course, see One of the courses will be a SL literacy course
that will include an introduction to a number of SL writing systems and we
will go into depth on SW. We will also cover how to conduct a literacy
program (in a written SL like SW) and other fun topics.

Well, hasta luego,

Steve :-)

Steve and Dianne Parkhurst

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