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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 5, 2002  3:51 am
Subject:  Re: French Swiss new questions

At 10:44 PM +0100 3/4/02, MGirod & ACPrélaz wrote:
>The team also wanted to know which are the possibilities for them to
>learn to use SW. I know about the lessons online and will tell them
>about it... What about the different books ? Is it possible to become a
>few manuals to learn to write by hand... How do I have to procced to get
>some ?

SignWriting List
March 4, 2002

Hello Anny and everyone -
The SignWriting Information packet includes a SignWriting catalog
that lists all the publications that you can Anny, when I
sent you the box of literature for your school, I had included a
catalog in that an order form...

Meanwhile, there is also a catalog on the web:


Catalog Directory


1. SignWriting Membership

2. Video Series: Lessons In SignWriting

3. Textbook: Lessons In SignWriting

4. Download SignWriter Shareware

5. SignWriter Computer Program Package

6. SignWriting Fingerspelling Fonts

7. Video Series: Deaf Perspectives On SignWriting

8. Sutton's American Sign Language Dictionary

9. Sutton's Picture Dictionary in ASL

10. Learn To Read
American Sign Language in SignWriting

11. Goldilocks Level 1: Beginning Workbook

12. Goldilocks Level 2: Basic Storybook

13. Goldilocks Level 3: Intermediate Storybook

14. Goldilocks Level 4: Advanced Storybook

15. Video: SignWriting Children's Stories

16. SignWriting Flashcards, Goldilocks

17. SignWriting Greeting Cards

18. SignWriting Order Form Online


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