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From:  Valerie Sutton
Date:  Tue Mar 5, 2002  3:00 am
Subject:  Re: French Swiss new questions

SignWriting List
March 4, 2002

Yes, that's right Anny! SignWriting is a written form for any Sign
Language. So reading and writing a language is only useful to those
who use that language. If a deaf child does not know or use Sign
Language, then reading and writing it would be of no use!

All signers can benefit from writing their language, including
hearing and hard-of-hearing children who SignWriting is not
only for the is for all signers. Val ;-)


On 3/4/02, Anny wrote:
>They would like to know if SW can be used (and subsequently be usefull)
>with hard of hearing children ? Do any of you have experience in that
>particular field. I have to precise here that there are two kinds of
>classes in the deaf school in Fribourg... classes for the deaf in which
>SL is used for communication, and hard of hearing classes where LS is
>mostly left aside and where the oral language is predominant. Do any of
>you have experience with hard of hearinf children using SW... does it
>also interest them... I guess the first question is... do they use SL as
>a language... and if the answer if yes... then logically SW will be
>usefull for them too (that's my guess but I'd love to hear about you all

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